Natia – Anna Biani

Anna Biani, daughter of Georgian film director Besarion Giorgobiani and a native of Tbilisi, Georgia, began acting at age 6. Landing her first leading role at age 14 in the short film “If This Day Never Happened” (2006), directed by her sister, Khatuna Giorgobiani, and then in the feature film “Cinka Panna” (2008), directed by Dusan Rapos and produced by Aron Sipos and Katarina Vanzurová. “Cinka Panna” won a Golden Palm award at the 2009 Mexico International Film Festival.

Anna has acted in small theater plays, improv comedy performances, and a series of short films – “Sendpoint”, “Christmas Eve.” (Leonardo Corbucci), “Arminius” (Clint Glenn), “Loverly” (Katerina Moutsatsous) and in the feature films “Freaky Deaky” (Charles Matthau), where she shared screen time with Andy Dick, Brenda Urquhart’s “Kessler’s Lab” (2015), and Natalie Bible’s “Windsor Drive” (2012).

Currently, Anna is working on her short film directorial debut, “G4,” that showcases a dance performance choreographed by Brian Friedman (The X Factor UK, The X Factor USA, America’s Got Talent).

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