Luke – Bailey Coppola

As part of the famous Coppola family, Bailey grew up around movies, working both in front of and behind the camera. He has had small roles in his dad, Christopher Coppola’s “Cult of the Evil Geezers,” and cousins Sophia’s “Bling Ring” and Gia’s “Palo Alto.” He has acted in numerous short student films including the lead in the San Francisco Art Institute’s first student “feature” film “Deadbeats,” which also featured original solo flute performances by him. His professional feature film debut in a lead role is as the complicated loner-artist, Luke, in “Sacred Blood”. With his natural talent, good looks and authentic charm, Bailey is a standout amongst “Sacred Blood’s” stellar cast. His behind the camera roles include, production assistant and second-unit director for Christopher Coppola’s upcoming psychological jungle thriller.  He appeared in and edited music videos for the bands “Venrez” and “Tilli.” Bailey is a committed artist whose empathy and compassion is evident on screen and off. He spends much of his time and energy on causes that are important to him: protecting the environment and educational outreach to disadvantaged youth.

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